Saturday, 30 March 2013

Steampunk-themed relic Thinline Tele-style guitar
The craze for steampunk-themed guitars is getting almost as popular as that for faux "relic" guitars. Some would argue that it is just as silly. This steampunk Thinline Tele-style guitar was originally a Czechoslovakian-made Jolana Vikomt and has now been steampunkerized in the soon-to-be time-honoured fashion of bunging a few cogs and gauges on it, maybe also some ramdon electronic components and some tubing.

Currently listed on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $349.

G L Wilson

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  1. as an artistic creation great price ,as a guitar a piece of junk!

  2. I'm NOT a steam punk fan, wacky engineering YES random parts just stuck on without function NO! It doesn't hold any interest for me , beauty is in functionality he couldn't even be bothered to do anything with the bridge or pick up! Are those wheels actually connected to volume and tone pots?

    1. Was it Picasso that said; "Art is knowing when to stop"? In this case, not starting. I know, those wacky Americans!? We had one of those "Gov. Works!" web sites and they had to re-tool the site logo when someone had the audacity to point out (3) gears in a cog or assembly are essentially 'locked' in place and going nowhere in a big hurry!

      I'll never assert Steampunk wasn't a legitimate art form, certainly it IS. We could view this as more a visual identity, such as country pickers, their Tele's, cowboy boots etc., but without mechanical function ( doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of the SP movement? )

    2. I've got nothing against steampunk as a genre of fiction, but these guitars with cogs and tubing stuck all over them do seem so contrived. Would they even have electric guitars in a steampunk universe? Their musical instruments could be totally different, perhaps a giant steam-powered set of bagpipes, or a water-driven organ, maybe instruments with some kind of clockwork function - but the clockwork would have to actively DO SOMETHING - it's no use just gluing a couple of cogs onto the front of an instrument and calling it steampunk.

      To me this is a waste of an admittedly crude, but intriging Czechoslovakian guitar.

  3. Most of these "Steamppunk guitars look pretty naff including this one. It's hard to do well.
    If you want to see some that are amazing check out

  4. Wonder how easy it would be to revert it back to its original form...

  5. What I meant is; on a wall, coupled with let's say comics original pages or Basquiat paintings or tags,it'd look terrific but,as an instrument, forget it!

  6. Way back in the day, Terence Trent D'Arby had a customized tele. Way before "steampunk" was a thing, but generally in the same vein. But it was executed much better than this -- this thing. Wish I could find a pic online.



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