Friday, 15 March 2013

slightly pimped up Ibanez Talman TC 220

Ibanez Talmans are recurrently featured on this blog - I just like this simple and classic guitar and its many variations - I can't believe that it's been discontinued when so many ugly, useless or cloned guitars are sold every day... 

The Talman TC 220 normally sports uncovered humbuckers, the previous owner of this one just added chrome covers and rings - actually I did that on my Epiphone Dot Studio and not only this looks good, but to me it also improves the sound somehow...

I love the Talman control plate / jack output - I wish I could buy one somewhere for a project...  

Bertram D

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  1. Great guitars - I personally love the shape. And I remember seeing The Gathering, when Anneke played one for a few songs.

  2. Guitar Parts Resource ( carries the Talman plate — look under Hardware/Jack Plates/Aftermarket Fender (yeah, I don't get it, either). They're currently out of Chrome, but Black and Gold are still in stock.

  3. Great shape and I much prefer, aesthetically, covered pickups. I like that control plate/jack. I wonder if it's possible to piece one together, ie cut a strat jack insert into a tele control plate.

    1. If you intend to do that on a tele (piece together a strat jack and the the tele control plate) you'll have to choose; loose the tone control or place it nearer to the volume knob. In each case it doesn't seem nice! For another guitar project it's definitely a good idea. It'll save you extra routing of the body and simpler wiring and shielding but maybe someone already thought of that. If anyone knows or has examples...



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