Saturday, 2 March 2013

Gibson SG Special 3SC

Yeah, I know, it's a Gibson SG and it has 3 blade single coil pickups, it exists, it's real, it's the Gibson SG Special 3SC - a 2007 limited edition -, and I show it here just for its plain oddity! 

Well, maybe it's also a good guitar!

Bertram D

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  1. OMG! This REMINDS me.., does anyone have a tux I can borrow for our bass player's wedding next Saturday..?


    Ahem, SG's have a well earned reputation for being "power house" guitars from the likes of Pete, Buck, Tony and countless other Heavy Metal practioners. Indestructible. Yet if you listen to the Robby Krieger, John Cipollina (RIP) they're capable of incredible subtlety, nuance and intimate detail.

    Too many of us pick them up and the first thing we ( 'I', project much? ) is see what open-string mayhem the shop owner will tolerate? Double-stop when any single note will suffice and roll those speed knobs 11/11/11.

    For most of us, the temptations are just too great. Going SC seems almost apologetic? IMHO

    1. Zappa was the greatest SG user!

      I didn't like the SG's look but when I finally played one, I really enjoyed it, could be a(nother) guita for me!

    2. True, wow, what an oversight on my part! But given FZ essentially played Jazz only further builds the case SG's are far more versatile than ever given credit for?

      Many of those solos defy tabulation to this day.

  2. If you hesitate between Fender and Gibson ,try that one; strat sounds and SG easy bending and lightweight. Though it looks odd it's indeed a very good guitar!

  3. It does look a little strange. I would like one in all white. somehow I think this makes me think of a butler.

  4. It's curious that they didn't use a blade-style pickup selector, but perhaps that might have been too much of an admission that they were chasing Fender.

  5. I have this guitar with a floyd rose frx in stalled and it is honestly the best thing that has ever happen to me.



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