Thursday, 14 March 2013

A Fender paisley Tele with a difference - it's GREEN!
Although this is a genuine Fender Telecaster, it does feature a custom refinish. You're not going to find an off-the-shelf Tele in green paisley like this one. The seller calls it a "a 7-UP Paisley 'JUDGE' version... direct from Ralph and Sandy's custom shop" (as if I'm supposed to know what that all means) and goes on to list the guitar's specs: Seymour Duncan Tele Hot Neck pickup, Seymour Duncan Tapped Tele bridge pickup, reverse control plate, 5-way switching, series and parallel modes, Vitamin Q Paper in Oil capacitor, No Load Tone control, Electro socket jack holder, Switchcraft jack, Premium CTS controls...

It does indeed sound - and look - like a very fine guitar. And so it should be with an eBay Buy It Now price of $2,299.

G L Wilson

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    1. Quite a washed out green though, isn't it? Nowhere near as green as the "Green" that Lord Percy created. Disappointingly near monochrome, in fact it looks to me like a black and white print with a tinted clear coat. It would look much better in a bright, bold, vibrant green like British racing green, for instance. (Just my personal opinion)

    2. I dunno... I prefer it to the green on this other example by Forrest Custom:

      Crook Custom guitars offer paisley Teles in a variety of colours including a deep green and a surf green (looks blue to me):

    3. Now you see I prefer that Forrest Custom one, it's properly green, although I think it would look better with a maple fretboard. That Fender above is just sort of "green-ish", instead of being as green as the pink version is pink (if that makes any sense).

    4. MartinF,

      One Strat I have is done in BRG and I get more compliments on it? But this looks too close to the shade of U.S currency for me not to like! Is the scratchplate frosted/tinted ( like office glass ) or simply taking on the hues of it's surroundings like a slippery reptile we all know?

      Top notch across the board and the finish provides its own 'watermark'. To steal it would mean to deface it, diminishing it's value by half. To fence as is? No need for Scotland Yard on this one!

    5. my favorite paisley telecaster is Nick Page's >

  2. Ok for the parts used in this one though it looks like a tele on steroids and though I don't like green guitars.The good idea here is to reverse the control plate (and maybe add a 4 or 5 ways switch for more "esquire" or Danelectro sounds)really great if you use volume and tone pots for "violin" or wha effects. It only costs time and maybe some soldering to lengthen the wires inside...I'm going to try that on one of my teles.



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