Saturday, 23 March 2013

Vox Phantom XII assembled from 1960s Italian "new old stock" parts
Here's another for our southpaw friends, a Vox Phantom XII. The Vox Phantom is one of those guitar designs that you either love or hate. I'm in the former camp. Anyway, I'll let the eBay seller explain about this particular example:
Italian made Vox Phantom 12 string left handed guitar... BRAND NEW... custom made from matured, original unused parts.

This is an example of a limited supply of old Vox and Eko guitars that have only recently been assembled from stock that has been stored, slowly maturing for many years.The body,neck,scratchplate and control knobs are all vintage original Vox old parts... the bodies were sprayed up and stored in the mid to late 1980s ... Modern Vox type pickups have been added with a set of repro machineheads. The electric wiring is brand new. What you get is a vintage guitar BRAND NEW!!!

Finished in Black with 3 single coil pickups, chrome hardware, rosewood neck.

This guitar is a beauty!!!

Why buy a new Vox made in Korea for over £1200 or an American rip off when you can have an Italian LEGEND for £865!!!?
I'm guessing that the seller, elitepianos are one and the same - or else closely allied to - Brandoni Guitars.

The neck would appear to be a right-handed example - note in the above photo that the Vox logo appears to be upside-down for a left-handed player. I don't suppose this will pose any real problems, but I hope they made some concession to the player with regards to the side dots on the neck - they're not a lot of use on the wrong side.

Currently listed on eBay UK for £865.

G L Wilson

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  1. Phantom Guitars in the USA manufactures new Phantom XII guitars. The apparently own the rights to the old VOX guitar designs.

  2. So I've heard. They also own the rights to model names such as Phantom, so that Vox themselves can't use the names on their own reissues. Absolutely crazy. They are nearly as bad as that other complete shower of bastards, E**** B***.

    1. I've played one of their new reissues and can report that while it played flawlessly, it sounded very generic and not at all like an original from the '60s. It also had that vague feeling of "if I saved up a bit more I could have bought the real thing" that most reissues seem to have...

    2. I had no idea VOX was reissuing guitars.



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