Thursday, 22 November 2012

From Brazil: It's the return of the Giannini Craviola solidbody electric
Guitarz reader Henrique writes:
The Craviola is back! Giannini starded to produce a reissue of the Craviola this season. It is a solid body mahogany guitar with a flamed maple top and set mahogany neck. Two Wilkinson humbuckers with coil split and phase inverter! More info on Giannini website. I have already ordered mine!
Thanks for the heads up, Henrique. It certainly is a very good looking guitar and a refreshing change from the same old designs that get trotted out time and time again from all the usual suspects and their myriad copyists (earlier today I was looking through a bunch of Gibson's new models for 2013; they were ALL variations of Les Pauls and SGs).

Shape-wise it's reminiscent of the Ovation Breadwinner but without the rear cutaway. Of course the design is based on Giannini's own now legendary Craviola acoustic guitars, which have to be the coolest design for an acoustic guitar EVER.

For those who can understand Portuguese:

Now, I defy you to deny that those are indeed some very TASTY guitars. (Wish we could have heard them in the video clip, though).

G L Wilson

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  1. It reminds me of a Vox teardrop with a leg rest.
    Isn't this the only shape a guitar really needs to be?

  2. yesterday I was browsing through for some reasons and I was thinking that if I could take one guitar for free from their current catalogue, I'd be embarrassed - none really appeals to me in spite of all what Gibson brought to electric guitar history! no black ES-175, no more 7-string explorer, no real choice in Vs, no more SG zoot suits, nothing either classic or exciting... I'd prefer take my chance at Fender's and get a Johnny Marr Jaguar...

  3. To briefky defend Gibson, they did just release the strange EB Bass (which is definately a new design) and the Midtown Standard Bass, which is ES style body with a flat top and back and has a longer Scale than old EB-2 Basses(built somewhat like the Fender Telecaster Thinline or Rickenbacker 330's and 360's I.E. scooped out lump of wood).

    Sadly Gibson are reacting to the fact that the wordlwide timber shortage is getting iinsanely bad and they cna't get all the quality timbers they need. They also appear to be listening to all the whiners who want a les paul custom to cost 1100$ and be as good as it ewas in 1959 (they want Les Paul standars to be even chaeper) and are attempting to get less wealthy buyers onside (the old fender Gibson price divide).

    As For Fender.... They seem to be as suicidally dedicated to their standard designs as Gibson (Johnny Marr Jaguar is still just variations upon a theme). So therte as Bas As one Another.

    In Conclusion, this is a cool design, Reminds me slightly of those wierd Fernandes small guitars. But If this is a Reissue, It likely came first.

  4. Yes, I should have praised the Craviola - one of the best designed guitars ever - instead of pointlessly ranting about Gibson (still I'm not a Fender fan but I prefer a rewired Johnny Marr Jaguar to a painted Zack Wylde Les Paul).

  5. Pointlessly? I think my sarcasm made my point for me quite well. Sadly, it was not actually a good point tho.

    And i'm with on you zakk wylde thing. GOD are they awful.

    But the general point we can probably make here os that when people go to buy a Fender Or A Gibson, they're not looking for the latest innovations, they want a FENDER or a GIBSON. And those words mean so much.

  6. I recently sold the last of my Fenders and have none left now... oh, excepting my Feline "Holy Panther" Strat which is a custom job utilising a highly modified 1970s-era Strat body. Some of their recebt models do appeal to me, such as some of the Pawn Shop series and I was qute intrigued by the new Marauder. And Fender Japan have some interesting twists on the some of the familiar old models, but Fender still wouldn't be my first choice in a new guitar.

  7. well my current main guitar is a Jaguar special HH - it is both a classic Fender and an innovative take on it by Fender Japan... I didn't like Fender until I got it and was happy to play on more original guitars such as my Ovation Breadwinner, but things are how they are... now if I could afford the Vox HDC-77 I'm longing for, probably the Jaguar would hang on its rack more often - but maybe not...

  8. (and of course if I was browsing, it's because I would love to have one, but not any one, and those I'm interested in they don't produce anymore)



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