Monday, 29 March 2010

Johnson Guitars USA Chicago Tommy Gun guitar

There something exceedingly tasteless about a guitar shaped like a gun, not to mention that it's the most appalling cliché. There's always some smart arse who comes up with the idea of a gun-shaped guitar as if it's never been seen before. It's a bit like the jokers who believe they are the very embodiment of wit and the first person to have ever thought of such a prank when they list an "air guitar" on eBay. Yawn...

This Tommy Gun guitar from Johnson Guitars looks to be a cumbersome beast. Note the pickup selector switch as trigger. Even that's not an original idea - see the Colt Peacemaker which has more detailed finishing touchs, although it's equally as obscene as this guitar.

G L Wilson

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  1. Don't knock them until you play them! The Johnson USA and Store Mel guitars all play great and are very quality instruments

    1. That may be the case nut personally I find the glorification of guns and weapons a little sick.



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