Monday, 18 April 2011

It's so S-s-s-silly... The Flying S?
We all know the Flying V. A few days ago we looked at a rather vulgar Jackson doubleneck that I dubbed the Flying W. Takamine had the Flying A (actually an acoustic take on the V design - they weren't allowed to call it a V, and viewed from the other direction it could be considered an A). Rick Nielsen, I believe, has a Flying Z, and The Tubes had a Flying Q (albeit a stage prop)...

And here we have this Maestro S-shaped guitar. Suitable for people with names like Sid, Shirley, Simon, Sylvester, Sarah, Sally, etc... Oh - there's a S at the headstock too (with machine heads seemingly positioned at random), so perhaps it's more suitable for people with the initials SS... which has sinister overtones.

Or maybe it's more suited to an episode of Sesame Street.

G L Wilson

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