Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Kent extra short scale bass
With a scale length of just 24", this vintage Kent-branded bass could be considered to be extra short scale. That's even shorter than many guitars. The seller calls it "Little Thumper" and comments on the amazing amount of low end that it is capable of.

It's a strange piece; I'd wager it was Japanese in origin, but if you know differently, do let us know! It has a "thrown together from spares parts" look to it. See how the pickguard looks too small for the body and should perhaps be on another bass.

I'd say this would be another candidate for baritone ukulele tuning, like this Mosrite Celebrity that we looked at here on Guitarz recently. I really must get myself one of these little basses one day.

G L Wilson

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  1. I have one of these. I almost can't believe I am looking at another one. It is a nice little bassish instrument. I have never been able to get mine to sound right tuned as a bass (EADG) but the little thing has some excellent tone when tuned as a 'bass tenor guitar' (CGDA)...low C and G use D, G bass strings...and D and A use D and G guitar strings, works really nice this way.

  2. This was my first bass almost 30 years ago; bought it used at a pawn shop for $50. Never heard of it before then, or after, for many years, until after the invention of the internet, so I didn't realize I had a little gem. I have researched it a little and have found it to be from the 60's, and Korean made. Mine is identical, so I would venture to say it was original. I haven't played it in a very long time, but I might try the CGDA tuning as Morninggloryseed suggested just for fun, to see if I like the tone.



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