Saturday, 23 April 2011

HiTone Slurpee guitar

This custom-made HiTone Slurpee guitar is currently being offered for sale on Craig's List in Detroit. The seller is asking $1000 for it.

This is apparently one of 11 built by HiTone Guitars for Slurpee's Battle of the Bands in 2009. According to HiTone's website:
Some 60 bands entered and four came out on top. Each winning a numbered HiTone Slurpee Guitar. Six Slurpee drinkers won a guitar each. One was given to Bowling for Soup, who played in concert. And one is sitting in the CEO of 7/11's office.
Which makes 12.

Other interesting guitars from HiTone inlcude a full-size bodied jazz guitar named The Skeleton with see-through lexan top, back and sides.

Thanks to Alec Z Breslow who alerted us to the Slurpee guitar on Craig's List via our Facebook page.

G L Wilson

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