Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Prince original purple cloud guitar
In February this year here on Guitarz we looked at a guitar inspired by Prince's cloud guitar built by Ergo Instruments. In that instance it wasn't meant to be an exact replica, but was Ergo's own interpretation of the design.

But now currently on eBay we see a genuine cloud guitar as played by Prince (and pictured in his hands on the cover of the January 2000 issue of Guitar Player magazine) and - surprisingly - supposedly the only example ever to have been finished in purple. According to the eBay listing:
It is one of the first three of 27 hand-built examples luthier Andy Beech made for Paisley Park Studios after Prince and David Rusan (who built the first four clouds) parted ways. This is not a Schecter or ESP. The guitar comes with the original letter of origination with serial number from Paisley Park and an original letter of authenticity from Andy Beech...
This is a fantastic guitar, but you'd need to be a pretty dedicated Prince fan to consider bidding with a starting price of $9,999 or Buying It Now for $17,499.

G L Wilson

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