Sunday, 24 April 2011

Egmond vintage stratoid

Don't you think when you watch this good old Egmond (say /ekh'mont/, you remember?) that it's how stratocasters should have been?

Proud pointy horns, Jazzmaster trem, big chrome pickups, switches on a perloid pickguard, much better than the Fender model IMHO....

Nederland zou hebben geregeerd de wereld!

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  1. It's an Egmond Airstream 2 it has 2 pick ups. There is an Airline 3 with 3 pick ups. It has the usual European pick up on/off sliders but it has an on/off way toggle black plastic toggle switch.This was actually called the 'Varitone' in their brochures. It has a single capacitor that gives a different overall tone. The Bridge is a metal floating style with thumbwheel adjusters. The Tremelo is quite funny when you look at it.It is a ridiculous design. You can get some small vibrato but as the bridge is only held down by the strings it's not a good idea to use it. They came painted or covered in a plastic vinyl. It has a one piece maple nech and I've seen one with a solid mahogany body made for the Rosetti company in England but I've only ever seen and heard of the single one. I love the fake screws on the pick ups. It's a stamped pattern.The pick up height is very high and they don't adjust and the strings just clear them. They are playable and Egmonds can be got very cheap. For a 50 year old guitar they are good to collect and play.



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