Tuesday 31 December 2002

Some nifty chord window generators, scale charts, etc, over at looknohands.com.

Friday 20 December 2002

...and here's one for the Festive Season, the Gibson Christmas 2000 Acoustic Guitar!

Makes you want to vomit, doesn't it?
Gordon Smith guitars
Burns guitars
Vox guitars

Thursday 12 December 2002

Peter Malinoski - more bizarre "art" guitars.
Bullet Bars - custom steel guitar bars.
The Tommyhawk acoustic travel guitar with neck, fingerboard, back, sides and bracing carved from one solid piece of mahogany!
www.artguitars.com... Hmmmm... yes... well...

Wednesday 11 December 2002

Smith Family Music featuring the now legendary Melobar - the slide guitar you can play whilst standing. I first saw one of these babies in the video for Captain Beefheart's "Ice Cream For Crow", and thought it looked well cool.
Double Whammy! Because two tremolo arms are better than one!
A guitar you can dismantle and stow away in an attache case - the Stow-Away from Stewart Guitars.

Monday 9 December 2002

Can I talk Didgeridoos for a moment? Yes, yes, I know this is a guitar website, but check out the unlikely sounding Didjbass which claims to be an electric didgeridoo and bass guitar all in one!
Touch-style instruments from Warr Guitars (the Phalanx series must have the widest fingerboard I have ever seen).
Charlie Hunter's Novax fanned fret guitars

Tuesday 3 December 2002

www.violinguitarmaker.com - this guy is nuts but you've just got to love his wild designs.


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