Tuesday 29 November 2005

Mick Jones plays at memorial show for former BAD II guitarist Nick Hawkins
Blues guitarist Jay Owens dies at 58

Monday 21 November 2005

Link Wray, RIP
Girls with guitars: The Times looks at some more up and coming all-female bands.
Guitar Intonation: What's this "intonation" malarkey all about then?
String Master automatic guitar tuner keeps your strings tight: Now I've seen everything! This device actually turns the machine heads for you.
Guitar gets refined by fire: guitarist swears that his guitar sounds better than ever having survived a house fire.
Guitar has Intel inside: Could this be what Ananova was whittering on about (below)?
Guitar surfing: A new guitar allows musicians to surf the internet and send emails while playing the instrument. Technology built into the guitar allows users to download chords from the net to play instantly reports The Sun. The Intel Concept Telecaster Guitar - currently in the design stage - is expected to cost thousands of pounds when it goes on sale. Ananova
Let Your iPod Teach You Guitar: Jam along, learn chords, scales and tune-up with iRocker.

Friday 18 November 2005

Nashville's Guitar Art Limited Edition Book Available Now: This colorful limited edition, commemorative book highlights Nashville’s popular GuitarTown Project. The book includes beautiful photographs of all of the guitar sculptures and showcase guitars. It also includes profiles of the visual artists, as well as quotes and photographs of the many Country music artists who supported this project. From Kenny Chesney to Wynonna, the book is a memoir of the project which has been recognized worldwide. Proceeds from the sale of the book benefit the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, United Way of Nashville, and The DISTRICT.

Thursday 3 November 2005


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