Friday 30 July 2004

Sacha DistelObituary - Sacha Distel, singer and guitarist
Blair turns down guitar from U2's Bono
NAMM: How many pickups?!? PRS launch new 513 model with 5 single coil pickups
NAMM: Beatles guitars from Gretsch: Gretsch launch new versions of George Harrison guitars
NAMM: Gibson Launch Digital Guitar: Les Paul with separate outputs for each string
Epiphone ROCKS The 2004 Summer NAMM Show In Nashville! Apparently.

Wednesday 28 July 2004

Killer Guitars from Japan. They've got some strange model names. Personally, I wouldn't have thought naming a guitar "Fascist" would be such a good move.
De Lacugo Guitars: Extreme shape, extreme curvature, and extreme finishes!

Tuesday 27 July 2004

Squier by Fender have a couple of cool new models out for 2004 too! Check out the re-designed Jagmaster and the Squier '51 which appears to be a retro-styled Tele/Strat hybrid.
Fender's new products for 2004: Gold 50th Anniverasry Strat, Baritone Jaguar, John 5 Telecaster, Tie-dye Strats, and more...

Thursday 22 July 2004

Guitar distortion has come a long way over the years: the art of noise!
Star Amps by Mark Sampson Now Shipping: Star Amplifiers, a new line of all-tube, class A, hand-wired amps from Marc Sampson have been released, consisting of three different models in 15 and 30 Watt versions.

Wednesday 21 July 2004

Hagstrom Guitars to Make Return at Summer NAMM Show
Stewart-MacDonald Offers Acoustic Guitar Kits
Gibson Offers Summer NAMM Sneak Peak: Initial production offering of Gibson Digital Guitar and new designs from Ned Steinberger to be displayed.
Weller's covers album: Paul Weller's first studio album on Richard Branson's V2 record label will be a collection of cover versions.
Kerrang! TV is looking for an Air Guitar champ! Oh dear.
Van Halen bassist AWOL on new tracks
Morrissey Pays Tribute to New York Dolls Bassist
Jazz Legend Wes Montgomery's Guitar to be Displayed at Indiana State Museum
Judge axes PRS guitar sales: A federal judge in Nashville has barred sales of a popular electric guitar model by Paul Reed Smith Guitars, although at least two stores in Nashville still offer them for sale.
Not all music fans think Eric Clapton's a 'guitar god'
Who's got the best 'guitar face'? and win a Les Paul Black Beauty!
Guide lights make this guitar an easy instrument to play: The Yamaha EZ-AG

Tuesday 13 July 2004

Whatever happened to Slade?

Monday 12 July 2004

Keith Richards Leads Tribute to Old Pal Parsons
Legendary guitarist lives in obscurity: Hank "Sugarfoot" Garland.
Steve Vai waxes lyrical about King Crimson's Robert Fripp
Paul Stanley guitar lesson pulls big money: KISS vocalist/guitarist Paul Stanley recently auctioned off a guitar lesson for charity. The lucky bidder ended paying US $7,100. for the lesson.
Cobain's festival guitar on show: A guitar used by Kurt Cobain during Nirvana's famed performance at the 1992 Reading Festival will be displayed at a show marking the event's history.
Birdsong Guitars Debuts the Short Scale Cortobass - see also
L.R. Baggs Introduces iMix System for Acoustic Guitar

Thursday 8 July 2004

Auction of Eric Clapton's Guitars Rakes in Over $7M: "Guitar Center buys several of the top lots which will go on public display around the country" (or, so it say here. I think when they say "the country" they are talking about the United States. I think the writer of this piece forgot that it's the WORLD wide web and not the American wide web. Sorry, rant over, but it does piss me off).

Tuesday 6 July 2004

Damage Control Announces Demonizer Tube Preamp with Distortion
Limited Edition Hotshot Junior Guitar from Reverend
Bass desires: John Entwistle's guitar collection catalogued in new book.
Clapton Guitars Fetch Large Coin: the Top 10!
Judge trades robe for guitar: The retired jurist finds a new career playing with a rock band.
Native Instruments Guitar Rig Updated
Elvis fans mark rock n' roll debut
Roxy Music all but reunite... on guitarist Phil Manzanera's solo album - but without Bryan Ferry.

Sunday 4 July 2004

Mystery Silvertone acoustic

Mystery "Silvertone" acoustic guitar

Here's another eBay find. It's an old - possibly 1950s - archtop guitar, and is supposedly a Silvertone. However, at some point in its life someone has refinished the guitar in dark green, and removed all logos, serial numbers, etc, in the process. The Silvertone logo on the headstock has been painted on by hand so possibly it isn't a Silvertone. But then again, why fake a Silvertone?

To complicate matters even further, the name Silvertone was a brandname used for guitars sold by Sears and Roebuck, and were often re-badged guitars from other brands. So, who knows what this guitar really is?

The back of the guitar suffered a split at one point, and this has been repaired. The splints can be seen quite clearly through the upper f-hole.

Soundwise, it's very sweet. It has quite a pleasing tone, and playability isn't bad as the action is quite reasonable given the age of the instrument. The string spacing leaves a lot to be desired due to some pretty random slots cut into the bridge. Possibly this is something I could repair. The machine heads are old but work perfectly well, and the guitar impressively stays in tune very nicely.
Mystery Silvertone acoustic

The red "scratchplate" is actually a glued on piece of felt; I assume this was done by the person who painted the guitar green - possibly someone called "John B" because the intials "JB" have been added to the top of the guitar on the lower bout, and also the incredibly sturdy case also sports the name "John B".

I would love to know the history of this guitar, but chances are it'll remain the mystery Silvertone acoustic.

Friday 2 July 2004

Brian Jones: Like a Rollin' Stone: today is the anniversary of the Rolling Stones' guitarist and founder's death in 1969.
Lost Frank Zappa Unearthed: "Joe's Corsage" begins a deluge of previously unreleased recordings.
Relatives of Jimi Hendrix resume court battle over guitarist's estate: Bloody disgraceful I call it. They all want a bigger slice of Jimi's legacy, but why don't they get off their arses and actually DO something themselves?
24 hour party people: Is the rock documentary making a comeback?
Gibson Guitar Announces 'Gibson A Go Go: L.A. Rock Show' on Tuesday August 24th at The Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles Featuring Atlantic Records Artists, Shinedown
Nelson won't play guitar at picnic due to hand pain: Country star Willie Nelson said Thursday that he will still sing but won't be able to play guitar during his annual Fourth of July picnic, scheduled to be held in Fort Worth for the first time.


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