Monday 31 January 2005

New Electric 12-String from Depinto Guitars with a strong Mosrite influence!
Move over, boys. Girls with guitars are leading the new rock revolution: article from The Independent.
Who's Guitar? Gibson recreate Pete Townshend's "No.1" Les Paul Deluxe guitar complete with the added middle pickup and 2 mini toggle switches to tap it and put it out of phase.
Guitar Karaoke from Fender: Fender announce the World's first guitar digital entertainment centre with built-in effects and instrument backing with drum beats and bass lines.
Synth Guitar For Less Than $800: Godin break the price barrier with the Godin Freeway SA.
No More Rusty Guitar Strings: Elixir introduce longer lasting anti-rust strings.
Zombie joins the BC Rich family of unique body styles: Guess what? It's pointy!!!
BC Rich introduces Platinum Series Eagle Bass

Saturday 29 January 2005

Tech 21 offers new XXL pedals for guitar and bass
Schecter Banshee 'Modern Vintage' Electric Guitar: I like the styling of this one. It looks familiar but different at the same time.
Martin Offers OMC-16E Maple and Koa Models with Elllipse Blend
Four New Aura-Equipped Martin Acoustics Announced
Martin HD-7 Roger McGuinn Signature Edition
Martin Guitars - 2005 NAMM Show Special model limited to just 25 guitars
Martin 000C Steve Miller Pegasus Signature Edition
Martin Unveils 000-45S Stephen Stills Model
Martin Unveils 000-45S Stephen Stills Model

Friday 28 January 2005

Gibson Montana introducess Traveling Songwriter Guitar: Gibson's first travel acoustic.
Paul Reed Smith CE Mahogany returns
Ovation goes deep for 2005 Collector's Edition
New Scarab XT Model Guitar from Hamer: it looks like a malnourished Explorer.
Martin D-45 Mike Longworth Commemorative Edition
LGM launches Leviathan Series Electric Guitars: it's just the ticket u=if you like 'em pointy pointy pointy!
Hamer USA introduces new Monaco Bass
Deep Purple’s legendary guitarist and his wife craft ancient melodies: Ritchie Blackmore swaps Stratocaster for a hurdy-gurdy.

Thursday 27 January 2005

Ibanez AEF20CSNERLG Nylon Acoustic-Electric: Nice name... Sorry, that's me being sarcastic. I hate these awkward model numbers and codes. Give it a name that everyone can remember! Having said that, it looks to be an instrument that I wouldn't mind having in my collection: nylon-electric with a slim neck, medium-sized body. Sounds great!
Slammer T5 Series Guitars: cheapo Tele copies, courtesy of Hamer (I do believe).
Archtop P90 Goldtop Added to Hamer's XT Series: reminiscent of a Les Paul double cutaway, and nicely priced too!
Takamine Introduces TRI-AX Acoustic Pickup
Takamine's LTD2005 Model Unveiled at NAMM: just what we've all been waiting for... a guitar with a picture of a bullrush embedded in the top. Weird. It's probably a nice guitar though.
New "Truckster" James Hetfield Signature Model from ESP: personally I can't see why anyone would want a guitar with a crappy finish like this, but I suppose the Metallica fans will like it.
Dave Mustaine Axxion Joins ESP Signature Line: New signature series guitar recognizes 20 years of Megadeth. Another weird shape from ESP.
ESP Introduces New Guitars for 2005: there's a spiky one, there's a knobbly-looking one, and there's a lop-sided looking acoustic. All in black.
Guitar Wolf Receives Signature Epiphone G-310: available in Japan only!
Epiphone and Nick Valensi Team Up for Signature Riviera: he's the guitarist for The Strokes apparently. Nice guitars though!
DigiTech Introdudes GNX2000 Guitar Workstation: Allows guitarists total creative freedom for stage and studio, with features like XLR outputs for plugging directly into PA systems, and a USB interface for hard disk recording applications.
PRS 20th Anniversary Special Editions
Ovation Introduces Custom Legend LX Model
Ovation LX Series Expands with Custom Elite Model
Epiphone Rocks The 2005 NAMM Show
Epiphone Announces Guitar Of The Month Program For 2005: I've linked to a news story about this already, but here we get the low down on each of the models from Epiphone themselves!

Wednesday 26 January 2005

Steve Morse and Music Man celebrate 20 years with new signature Y2d guitar
GFX-1 and GFX-3 Multi-Effects Pedals
Nuno Bettencourt and Washburn launch N5 and N6 guitars: I've not heard that name for a fair few years!
Epiphone Dot Studio gets new worn finishes
Epiphone recreates Hendrix's Psychedelic Flying V guitar: where's the photo? I wanna see what it looks like!
New Michael Schenker Electric and Acoustic Models from Dean: I'm disappointed that the acoustic isn't Flying V shaped.
Ibanez - The Untold Story Book
New Ibanez AEF100 Acoustic-Electric features on-board Fishman electronics
New AU756 Rock Deluxe Guitar from Austin: Oh, another generic superstrat. Nothing new there.

Tuesday 25 January 2005

Guitars gently weep: Sale of rare guitar and amp collection in Toronto aids cancer research.
ESP profiles new signature guitars from Magedeth's Mustaine and Metallica's Hetfield
No More foxx Hunting: Furry 70s stompboxes stage a comeback.
The Plexi is back: Marshall expands the handwired series with 100W classic.
Thin Lizzy guitarist Scott Gorham - "The D Word (Death) Never Came Up": Scott Gorham talks about Phil Lynott and the final days of Thin Lizzy.
Former Guns N Roses Guitarist Gilby Clarke Joins MC5
H.R. Giger Limited Edition Guitars from Ibanez: limited edition guitars feature graphic designs by the influential modern painter and sculptor (and creator of the Alien in the Alien series of movies).
New AX Series Baritone from Ibanez
Alvarez adds three new models to fusion series
Washburn Pilsen Idol Series Electric Guitars: I always liked their Idol guitars. This "Pilsen" version seems to be more beefed up, something along the lines of a Les Paul.
Ani DiFranco Gets Signature Alvarez Model: Streuth! I'm not sure about that scratchplate.
New Vihuela Mexican Guitar from Lucida
Fender speed-e Keychain Tuner: the world's first fully functioning keychain guitar tuner!
Fender Time Machine '66 Stratocaster: the new Time Machine series 1966 Stratocaster guitar is an exact reproduction of one of the most rapidly collectable Stratocaster guitars around, right down to its nitrocellulose-lacquered alder body with a WLS undercoat.

Monday 24 January 2005

Scott Ian signature series guitars from Washburn
Dimebag Darrell tribute guitars from Dean
A Guitar A Month: Epiphone launch a new series of limited edition electrics - one for each month of 2005.
Epiphone Announces New Models At 2005 NAMM Show
Classical Meets Modern with the Lucida Mahogany Electric Spanish Guitar
Yamaha Redesigns FG Acoustic Guitar Line
Yamaha RGX320FZ and RGX520FZ Electric Guitars: Yamaha Guitars announces its first true double cutaway set-neck guitar at Winter NAMM.
New Additions to Yamaha's BB Series Electric Bass Family
Gretsch G6128TCG Duo Jet in Cadillac Green Reissue
New T5 Thinline 5-Way Guitar from Taylor: There are electric guitars, there are acoustic guitars, and now, there is the new Taylor "T5" - a little bit of both, and a whole lot more. Allegedly.
New Artcore Semi-Hollow Guitar from Ibanez: First-ever semi-acoustic with tremolo but no backplate tremolo cavity (not including guitars with Bigsby style trems, obviously).
Ibanez AF105NT, and AF105FNT Artcore Jazz Guitars
Ibanez Gets Exotic with New Acoustic Guitars: exotic woods and affordable too! Ooh-errr!
Ibanez Debuts First SZ Prestige Guitar: Ooh, it looks to be quite nice. I've never liked Ibanez guitars before.
Washburn debuts Timbercraft Solid Wood Acoustic Guitars: The five models have solid spruce tops with solid wood backs and sides, as well as one piece mahogany necks.

Saturday 22 January 2005

Epiphone interview Seiji from Japan's Guitar Wolf
Yamaha debuts AES500 and SA500 Semi-Hollow Guitars
Ultra Bass Joins Schecter's Diamond Series: shades of the Thunderbird bass, I think.
RKS Shows Unique Hollow Body Electric Guitars and Basses: it's a hollow body, Jim, but not as we know it.
Brian Moore Guitars debuts iGuitar.USB at Winter NAMM: "The iGuitar.USB is the first guitar to offer on-board, Class Compliant USB audio to streamline the guitar to computer connection eliminating the need for an external audio interface."
RainSong Introduces All-Graphite Acoustic Guitars
Rotor EX Added to Peavey's Electric Guitar Lineup
Peavey Unveils Jerry Donahue Signature Omniac Guitar: another mutant Telecaster design.
New Southern NiteFly Guitar from Parker: it looks like a Parker Fly crossed with a Telecaster!
Parker Debuts Fly Mojo Flame Single Cutaway Model
New Reverend Horton Heat Signature Model from Gretsch
Full Line of Bigsby Vibrato Kits Launched at NAMM
Lucida Introduces Guitarron Mexican Bass: just what you need for your mariachi band!

Friday 21 January 2005

Canvas Guitars and Basses: I quite like these simple but fresh designs.
Blackmachine: super thin, hand-built, paint-free guitars from London.
The G7th Performance Capo: the capo redesigned!
Fender Introduces Custom Shop Mary Kaye Tribute Stratocaster
Classic Series '50s Fender Esquire Guitar Debuts at NAMM
New Transparent Satin Strat Models Added to Squier Lineup
New Squier Master Series Electric Guitars: although these include some new non-Fender bodyshapes, I still like the Thinline Tele.
Eric Johnson Signature Stratocaster: A long time coming for some, Fender has officially announced an Eric Johnson signature model, constructed with a contoured 2-piece Alder body, maple neck, and custom pickups.

Tuesday 18 January 2005

Ex-Bread guitarist Jimmy Griffin dies: Former guitarist for 1970s pop group Bread and Academy Award-winning songwriter Jimmy Griffin has died. Griffin co-founded Bread who were responsible for hits such as "Make It With You", "Everything I Own" and "Baby I'm-A Want You".
Schecter's C-1 Goes Exotic at Winter NAMM
Excalibur Shawn Lane model from Vigier guitars
Reissue Hagstrom Guitars Start Shipping: The legendary Hagstrom line will be officially relaunched at the 2005 Winter NAMM Show. The classic brand, now being manufactured and distributed by American Music & Sound (AM&S) under license from AB Albin Hagstrom, has just begun shipping. See also the new website:
Guitar Chord Library: Look up Guitar Chords - Illustrated Pages of Guitar Chords.
State of the Vintage Stratocaster, 2005, by George Gruhn
Heart's Nancy Wilson loves the new Les Paul Ultra from Epiphone

Friday 14 January 2005

Lennon 'almost gave up on guitar': John Lennon almost gave up playing guitar after just two lessons, one of his early bandmates reveals.

Wednesday 12 January 2005

Electric Guitar Signed by More Than 30 Music Superstars Goes Up for Auction on eBay: Bruce Springsteen, Sheryl Crow, Rod Stewart, Tim McGraw, Lenny Kravitz and others sign 'Today' show Toyota concert series guitar to raise money for the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation. See the guitar here.
For guitar lovers, Allan Holdsworth shows how it's done in Buffalo
Damageplan guitar up for auction: The Blitz WBZX 99.7 ( are auctioning off a Washburn Dime V guitar (signed by all members of Damageplan, including late guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott).
Switch guitars: these guitars are interesting. They claim to feature Vibracell technology. I believe this refers to the stuff they're actually built from, that is, some kind of plastic resin. Interesting they have both electric and acoustic models in their catalogue. I like the ones that look as if they've been styled after the Burns Flyte guitar.
10-ft. guitars: Valley on a Fender bender: more about Arizona's Stratocaster sculptures.
Bassists get their own Carl Martin chorus pedal
RM20 Joins Randall's Line of Modular Amps

Saturday 8 January 2005

Tuesday 4 January 2005

Fender and the Sound of the Sixties
Legendary guitarist Hank Garland dies at the age of 74: He performed with Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, the Everly Brothers and Patsy Cline among others.
Man Sets Guitar on fire and gets burned: stupid arse.
Gibson Debuts Americana Series with Chambered Body Design: Gibson USA's new Americana Series features the Pioneer, a round-shouldered, cutaway dreadnought, and the Ranger, reminiscent of the L-00 design. The guitars are based on the Chet Atkins SST solidbody acoustic concept and have a new body chambering process for extra resonance.
Les Paul Standard Gets Faded Finishes: these look great. It's a pity that they aren't in the same budget price range as Gibson's 2004 Faded series.


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