Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Landing L300 "Strat Bass"
Further to yesterday's post where we were discussing the new Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Bass and where I suggested that Fender may as well issue a Stratocaster Bass next, Jeremiah has emailed me to tell me that Landing Basses already offer a Stratocaster-inspired bass, the L300. It has a 30.5" short scale length (or optionally 32") but otherwise all features - pickup placement, controls, etc - are as on a Stratocaster guitar. With such a pickup layout it doesn't mean you'd necessarily get the best sounds for a bass instrument - especially seeing that the bridge has by necessity been moved backwards to accommodate even a short scale bass scale length resulting in a larger gap between the bridge pickup and the bridge - but I guess that aesthetics were more important in Landing's opinion in a desire to make this bass look as much like a Strat as possible. For those who like the Strat body but would prefer proper bass pickups there are other options available in Landing's range. They also produce their own Telecaster-inspired bass, the TBASS.

G L Wilson

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  1. I'm surprised how nice that Strat body looks in bass form. Fender's never done it, have they?

  2. I also like Landings appropriation of the Strat and the Tele for short scale basses.

  3. I don't care for this at all. But their Tele bass is quite nice, much better than that hideous stretched-out offering from Squire.

  4. Godin has just come out with a three pickup, Stratlike bass.

  5. Found it! Godin Shifter. With a reverse slant bridge pkup. Be interested in playing one. Speaking of Tele basses, I found the Squier vintage modified TB much nicer neck wise than the Sting signature, which I think was supposed to be a reproduce of an old p.bass. Godin here: ... Oh, damn, can't paste.

  6. I personally own a Landing L300, a Landing Tbass and two in the Pbass configuration. The bass guitars are built one at a time by master luthier, Jimmy Wilson. Jimmy goes above and way beyond anything you would expect from a custom guitar shop builder for much less than you would expect to pay. My Strat bodied L300 is similar to the one pictured above with a matching headstock. The key word about this bass is versatility. With the 5 way blade-switch pickup selector, your tonal choices are unlimited and can accommodate any style of music. The detail Mr. Wilson puts into the fit and finish of his creations match and exceed anything I have ever played. I have been playing bass guitar for over 40 years and recommend Landing bass Guitars to everyone out there. These basses are the real deal and in my opinion will please any player with a laundry list of optional electronics and pickups. These short and medium scale length bass guitars sound as good and better than most long scale!



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