Monday, 18 November 2002

Auction update: The Eko Ranger XII was sold for £167 (that was fun sending that one off - I didn't have a big enough box, so had to fashion one out of two other guitar boxes and a whole roll of brown tape), and the Aria Legend plexiglass guitar auction has just finished with a winning bid of £180. The bidding may have gone higher but I disqualified one of the bidders because I took a look at his feedback ratings and saw that he had two negatives from within the last four days - obviously he just bids on things which he clearly has no intention of buying. People like that are a right menace on eBay.

In other news, the fretless Fender Jazz Bass is absolutely gorgeous, although it still has the factory-fitted flat-wound strings on it, which makes it go "thud" rather than give that beautiful sustain-rich fretless tone.

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