Thursday, 5 June 2003

Pedalling into the record books ...
A Guinness world record is hardly the epitome of rock'n'roll. But veteran guitarist Ace ensured he lost no credibility with his successful attempt yesterday. having set the record for using the largest number of effects pedals, the former Skunk Anansie strummer promptly smashed up the Fender Stratocaster he was playing and set it on fire. The attempt was the final word in a discussion he had with students at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music, where he is a tutor. For the seafront attempt, he played Deep Purple's Smoke On The Water while 'bending' each note with 85 pedals - creating a noise 'like Concorde taking off'. 'We had all the students down from the college cheering,' said Ace, whose solo album Still Hungry is out this month. 'We are all going to the pub to celebrate.'
METRO, 5 June 2003

Update: Here is the same story as reported by Ananova although they claim that 100 pedals were used.

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