Saturday, 3 May 2008

What is that guitar that Eddy Grant is playing?

The EqualsThe Equals

Over the years I have many times seen the clip of The Equals playing "Baby Come Back" on Top of the Pops in 1968. And many times I have wondered to myself, "What is that weird guitar Eddy Grant is playing?"

Last night on Later with Jools Holland, Eddy Grant was briefly interviewed and once again the Top of the Pops clip of "Baby Come Back" was trotted out. This time I realised what the guitar was, as I recognised the headstock design from another post about weird guitars that I'd made on this very blog. A quick check on Fetish Guitars (where else?) and here it is, the Wandre Rock 6! Another bonkers 1960s-era design from those wacky Italians.
Wandre Rock 6

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  1. Video won't play so I can't hear it. Also can't get Baby come back to play right now. Probably alien intervention



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