Tuesday, 17 November 2009

1960s Vox Harlem with factory scalloped fingerboard

This Vox Harlem is a model I've not seen before. The seller refers to it as being a "vintage Italian guitar", so that makes it one of the Eko-built Voxes. The seller also claims that the treble-side scalloping of the fingerboard is original from the factory, and has not been carried out retroactively. This is way before Yngwie Malmsteen and before even Ritchie Blackmore had scalloped fingerboards on their Strats. Could this Vox Harlem be the first electric guitar with this feature? Does anyone out there know of an earlier example?

Pre-electric guitars, it is my understanding that some baroque guitars had such scalloping, but I don't know the full history here. Again, if anyone can fill in the blanks, please leave a comment below.

G L Wilson

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