Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Megadriver's video-game inspired guitars
Megadriver are, according to their website, "a Brazilian heavy metal band devoted to videogame music, the creators of GAME METAL". We see them pictured here with a Sonic The Hedgehog guitar and another guitar made from a SEGA Genesis console. I've seen guitars built from games consoles before and can't imagine that they'd sound that good or would be very solid. However, the Sonic guitar is very cool.

Hey, I'm no fan of video or computer games, so what do I know?

(This post, by the way, is dedicated to the little underweight hedgehog I found in my garden last night and who I took to Tiggywinkles wildlife hospital today, so they could fatten him up so that he's able to survive the winter. Which is also why I'm very late blogging today.)

G L Wilson

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