Sunday, 7 July 2013

Galanti Jetstar - an understated Italian beauty from 1966
Here we have some 1960s vintage Italian gorgeousness in the shape of this Galanti Jetstar. It's actually rather restrained for an Italian guitar of this era, having just the two pickups and a very sober finish without a spot of glitter or pearlised plastic to be seen.

Incidentally, back in October 2010 we looked at a Goya Panther and mentioned that: "It has [...] been suggested that Italian guitar maker Galanti made the Goya Panther models. The Goya Panther and the Galanti guitars look nearly identical." Well, checking back to that earlier blog post I'd say that these guitars were definitely closely related.

The Galanti Jetstar pictured here is currently listed on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $995.

G L Wilson

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  1. I could see that being played in a night club in a Fellini movie.

  2. I remenber well Galanti amplifiers back in 67 69 before Fender super and twin reverbs arrived in my country (France) as well as the first Kustom amps with those strange glittering covers. Galanti were good simple amps. I remember the one I owned (10 watts all tube, one channel and no reverb, effects loop etc...) It sounded LOUD enough to play with a drummer and I could carry it on may Peugeot moped to go to my first gigs. But it's the first time ever that I see a Galanti guitar. It looks very much like certain "Eko" guitars though the trem looks very german!....



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