Friday, 11 November 2011

11 on 11/11/11: #4 - Mako Exotec XP-4

OK, it's the 11th November 2011, that is 11/11/11, and as such today has been designated Nigel Tufnel Day. To celebrate this day of Maximum Elevenness, we here at Guitarz - for this day only - will be posting an unprecedented ELEVEN blog posts! So, keep tuned throughout the day for eleven weird and wonderful guitars!
Here's a 1980s Hair Metal-style ultra-pointy Explorer-derived guitar design in the shape of this Mako Exotec XP-4. This is a guitar about which there is very little information out there, and what there is can be contradictory. It looks to be Japanese and indeed some have speculated that this is a Matsumoku product, although others have reported that some examples were Korean-made. There are also references to these having been distributed by Kaman (the company behind Ovation guitars) which seems a little at odds with the supposed Matsumoku connection, although not impossible.

It certainly looks to be a guitar that was jumping on the Hair Metal bandwaggon. Despite the ultra-pointy body shape, the headstock design is quite conservative, the pickups are a pair of Strat-like singlecoils rather than the humbuckers you might expect on such a guitar, and the trem is also a vintage Strat-like affair rather than some fancy Floyd Rose or Kahler-esque locking jobby.

The guitar is currently located in Los Angeles and is listed on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $685.

G L Wilson

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  1. These were made by Samick in Korea. The Truss rod cover and switch give it away. Matsumoku didn't use a hex nut on the switch and that's Samick/Hondo's TRC style. That and you can occasionally find ones that still have the MIK sticker and Samick QC sticker.



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