Thursday, 3 November 2011

One-off über-psychedelic Migma doubleneck bass/guitar

Who can think of former East-Germany as a place and time of stern and dull design? Look at this  Migma doubleneck bass/guitar (it sports no brand but its look and finish cry Migma - there were some models shared with twin brand Musima but Migma was into wild post-accordion finishes) and praise whoever could have conceived and built this delightful monster.

Its fierce horns exceed their Burns model to reach an almost Wandre extravagance that allows the mother-of-toilet-seat-from-hell finish to escape Mitteleuropean kitsch to rocket to the crepuscular twirls of psychedelic heaven! I would love to listen to the music for which it was conceived... And I wish this guitar was mine!

This guitar is too crazy to be a series one - its seller on (the excellent e-shop Vintage*Guitar*Collection) says that it's unique, so it must be a custom job... I don't know about Migma, but it seems that in Markneukirchen where most of the GDR music instrument companies were established, more or less everybody was a luthier, and people would easily have an atelier at home and make some extra instruments upgrading company models - their version of nowadays custom shops. 


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