Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Warning: May contain nuts! A colourful M&Ms promotional guitar

This makes a change from all those promotional guitars for various brands of weak beer. It's an M&Ms guitar featuring a graphic of the chocolate and sugar-coated peanut characters from the M&M advertisements. It's quite a basic guitar with just one pickup and volume and tone controls, but the shape is actually quite pleasing to the eye, and I could well imagine this being used in some young punk band.

I'm not sure if these guitars were promotional give-aways or competition prizes, or if you actually had to buy them along with X amount of chocolate peanut wrappers, but for a very basic Chinese-made guitar I can't help thinking that the requested Buy It Now price of $499 is a little steep. But then again, maybe M&Ms merchandise is collectable,

G L Wilson

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