Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Mr Spock jams on Vulcan electric harp accompanied by hippy girl playing a bicycle wheel

I guess this is the logical follow-up to the Space 1999 video clip we looked at the other day featuring the Coral Sitar.

This clip comes from one of the Star Trek's more comic episodes, The Way To Eden, in which the Startship Enterprise plays host to a bunch of space hippies.

Other weird musical instruments shown include what looks like a sword with strings (and which sounds very guitar-like... yeah, it's just a prop!) and a musical bicycle wheel.

Spock's Vulcan harp (or lyre, if you will) is also obviously a non-functioning prop, although this hasn't prevented Star Trek fans from producing working replicas, see below:

Hey, it even has a vibrato!

G L Wilson

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1 comment:

  1. Very nice musically and visually nearly convincing, but of course, the sounds are not really being played on the Vulcan Harp he is holding. Watch closely with a musician's eye and you will see the glide knob affects the strings and then the synth sound. And the strings stay in tune through the glide, which, if you know about string tension, is impossible. He fingers very closely most of the time, but not all. Beautifully done but not a functional musical instrument.



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