Thursday, 17 November 2011

1960s Italian wonder Meazzi Zodiac

At first sight, this Meazzi Zodiac looked to me like a small body travel guitar à la Eko Short Gun, then I found this picture of Swiss musician Lili Zeller playing the Zodiac (on, like usually when one needs info about Italian vintage guitars), and like me you can see that despite its unusual design, it's a well proportionate and well balanced instrument. I'm happy to have found this guitar today, it's exciting and inspiring, for both a musician and a guitar maker, not to mention a collector...

Unfortunately this one lacks its bridge and trem arm, but they should be easily replaceable, mostly if you take the opportunity to install an upgraded model of bridge, after all, what matters is how well it plays! Meazzi guitars had all you can expect from Italian vintage ones: odd designs, unique pickups and trems, strange controls and plenty of chromed plates! Meazzi started in the 1950s with Antonio Wandré Pioli for designer, who released his first instruments as Framez - a Meazzi sub-brand.


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  1. This is a cool guitar! I have an original one. The Zodiac is soon to be reissued by PureSalem Guitars. The prototypes are being worked out now. The Zodiac and some other cool 60s models will be available by mid 2013 according to PureSalem Guitars.

    1. Indeed, we looked at the Pure Salem version here:

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