Thursday, 31 October 2002

FOR SALE: Eko Ranger XII with Shadow pickup

Eko Ranger XII
This is a nice example of the ever-popular Italian-made Eko Ranger 12-string guitar. It is a full-sized acoustic guitar and is approximately 17 to 18 years old (I bought it new in the early 80s), and features the Eko company's trademark bolt-on neck (on an acoustic!).

The guitar also features a Shadow piezo under-saddle pickup in the bridge, and an accompanying volume control on the upper shoulder near the neck. The pickup was installed at the factory and isn't a retro-fit. I have used it for recording the guitar (excellent sound) and also for playing through a PA system.

(I do also have a Schaller magnetic sound-hole pickup, that is not included in this auction, but if you are interested let me know and we might be able to work something out. Using a combination of the two pickups, I have been able to produce a HUGE sound - piezo through a PA and magnetic through an AC30! Amazing!)

The bad news is that the guitar does have one rather nasty knock to it, on the rear of the guitar at the base near the end-pin - see photo. I took it to a band rehearsal once (I don't know what I was thinking because we were a punk band) and the drummer was fooling around with it. Back at home afterwards I found the injury that had been inflicted on it. But that's drummers for you.

However, the sound is not affected by this injury. I've played many 12-strings, including some a lot more expensive than this one, and I've never found another that I liked the sound of as much, nor that played as easily. The guitar has quite a low action to it, so this obviously increases playability.

What else can I tell you about it? The neck is straight, the machine heads all work well, and the general condition is good apart from the one battlescar that I have already mentioned. My only reasons for selling are that my guitar "collection" needs to be cut down and I simply don't play this one any more.

This guitar is up for auction on eBay in the UK (Auction over. Sold for £167)

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