Tuesday, 22 October 2002

Well, the Tanglewood Strat-style guitar turned up. And in short, it's a piece of crap. It looks as if someone has used it to smash up on stage. I don't know why they didn't finish the job properly having gone that far!

The body is dented quite badly. It does appear to be solid wood, but the wood is not very hard. I will try removing the finish and sanding it down, and will attempt to fill in the dents and the holes using woodfiller as best I can. It's possible that it may not be salvagable though.

The neck (which was listed as being "good") is the most bent out of shape guitar neck I have ever seen. I can't even get an allen key anywhere near the trussrod head to adjust it. Not that I think it'd help anyway. The fingerboard is also half hanging off.

I've taken it entirely to bits and hopefully the pickups will be usable for another project. Those and the tremolo bridge (which is lacking saddles). I would say that I'd got a set of machine heads out of this too, but even one of those is lacking the tuning button.

All in all, a disaster, but I will salvage what I can.

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