Wednesday 20 August 2008

LongBow American Classic 2-String Bass

If three strings are still too many for you, how about going one less and opting for a two-string bass?

We've already covered two-string basses on this blog - remember Stig Pedersen from D-A-D and his wacky basses?

The Longbow American Classic Two String Bass is a much simpler affair, and resembles a lengthy rectangular block of wood with pickups, machineheads and two strings attached. Which is basically what it is.

It is fretless, which also keeps things simple for the manufacturer, and is supposedly available in left or right hand versions, short, medium, long or extra-long scales, and with pickups placed in regular or "EB" positions (the latter supposedly being good for dub reggae sounds).

Except that according to the Orders page, "Due to internal company re-organization, we are not accepting Longbow orders until further notice." Which is sad, as this looks like a fun instrument. Having said that, am I the only one who thinks the listed price of $395 is a little steep for such a basic instrument?

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