Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Stepp DGX MIDI guitar controller

Looking like someone has taken Rolf Harris's Stylophone and stuck a guitar neck on in, the Stepp DGX MIDI guitar controller - whilst still very expensive - was a cheaper alternative to the very wacky-looking Synthaxe. Unlike the Synthaxe, this particular synthesiser controller was much more guitarist friendly in that the strings for the playing and the fretting hands were both on the same plane and pointing in the same direction, and the frets were laid out normally with none of this equal spacing nonsense.

It was never a big success, and after appearing in the hands of Maurice Gibb of The Bee Gees and an appearance in the movie Vice Versa (starring Judge Reinhold and Fred Savage as a father and son who swap places) where it was inexplicably overdubbed with the sound of a real electric guitar, it sank without trace. Let's face it, it was no great loss.


  1. Does anyone have a owners manual? Please please please

    1. I happen to have one...

    2. Do you still have one ? Only just saw this

  2. Does anyone have a photo copy of the owners manual? Please



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