Monday, 21 September 2009

Upside-down Tokai Gakki Hummingbird
tokai gakki hummingbird 1

There are two beautiful ultra-rare Tokai Gakki Hummingbirds for sale on US eBay these days, but one of them (the one on the top) is somehow a monstrosity since it's an upside-down lefty model turned into a righty.

The characteristic of this genius and totally psychedelic guitar (produced around 1967) is its longer pointy lower horn, as you can see on the right - that makes it a kind of hysterical Mosrite (that also inspired the inclined neck pickup).

Hard to tell how this lefty was reversed but I can imagine that an uninformed musician could think it's all normal since thus it goes back to what Leo Fender set as the electric guitar common design.

As a player, I wouldn't like to play on such a genuine and expensive vintage guitar that would feel better in a museum or (unfortunately) a safe. Happily this one as been recreated by Eastwood (I know, I know, it's not the same, the original is better, etc), and that is one of the guitars on my middle-term GAS list (oups, I made another free ad for Eastwood! You know how to find me, guys!)


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