Sunday, 27 September 2009

60s Kent violin bass
kent violin bass

It's quite difficult to find information about this Kent violin bass - Kent was one of these fake brands in the 60s that were used by several companies to penetrate the american budget guitar market. So the Kent brand was first used for this purpose by Teisco and Guyatone for Japan and Korea made guitars, then by Hagström - that was supposed to be an upgrade of the brand. Anyway, this one is a Teisco who - if I understood well - built a similar model under their own name.

What is remarkable about this hollow-body bass is the bizarre combination of the violin shape with a cutaway - I can't tell myself if I love it or hate it. This particular one is even odder with its beautiful 'blueburst' - I imagine that it was a hit back then in 1967... I found contradictory feedback about the sound - some call it crappy and sans-sustain, some say it sounds like a double-bass on steroids. I'd like to try.

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