Wednesday, 1 August 2012

1966 Hofner Galaxie in absolutely beautiful condition on eBay
With a starting price of £799 on eBay UK right now, this Hofner Galaxie is in such wonderfully good condition for a guitar made in 1966 that it causes you to do a double take, to inspect the photos a little more closely for signs of wear and aging to prove that it isn't a modern reissue. The fact that it's also in its original ultra rare sonic blue finish makes this guitar all the more desirable. But enough words already, lets see some more photos:

G L Wilson

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  1. Fantastic. Trem years ahead of its time. Round tuners? Everything about it!

    I'm somewhat familiar w/ the term "Discant" ( from a singing perspective ) but would this effectively be a delay or some sort of intermittent kill switch?

    1. It's just an on-off switch for the middle pickup, the two switches either side of it do the same for the other pickups.

  2. Replies
    1. I wondered who'd pick up on that. I would have thought it should be "descant" but maybe it's correct in German?

    2. "Descant" in German is "diskant", so it's sort of half and half. All the writing on the scratchplate is in English, maybe it was translated from German or just plain spelled badly.

    3. "I wondered who'd PICK UP on that." Ha! I see what you did there!

    4. While the re-issues are stripped down compared to the original, this excellent demo gives you a feel for what the various switches do.

      What's remarkable is their version of this solidbody trem requires no back access plate. Something I wouldn't miss about Strats. At the price, I'd say get one!

  3. From wiki:

    Discant (Latin: discantus, meaning "singing apart") was a style of liturgical setting in the Middle Ages, associated with the development of the Notre Dame school of polyphony. It is a style of organum that includes a plainchant tenor part, with a "note against note" upper voice, moving in contrary motion. It is not a musical form, but rather a technique. "English discant is three-voice parallelism in first-inversion triads."[1]

    While not the correct use of the word I think they are eluding to a third voice i.e. middle pickup

  4. I also noticed the "discant" switch but I think it's just a fancy (and erroneous) way of saying "middle" in this case. According to my extensive research (in wikipedia) "the term came to mean the treble or soprano singer in any group of voices, or the higher pitched line in a song." I remembered the descant recorder from my daughter's music lessons. It is, however, a super looking guitar and at the same price as my Fender Coronado from the same year (bought on impulse - not a fantastic guitar, it must be said), I think it's a great buy.

  5. The fine Euro cousin of my beloved American KAPA guitars. Right up there with Jag and Jazzmaster Fender for complex knobs and switchs.

  6. I own the same one since 1967, but in red sunburst, with a white (cream, in fact) head stock and scratch plate (pick guard plate). A lovely guitar with an abundance of switchings, to make your very own tone. The tone controls also are very effective. And, I won't sell it. No matter for how much !

  7. Biggest problem this model has is the spring loaded mute bar attached to the bridge. When playing normally, it has a tendency to pop into the mute position constantly, and it won't stay down easily with a minor adjustment.
    They are good looking guitars though!



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