Saturday, 25 August 2012

Robin Raider with Mosrite-inspired body made in Japan by Tokai
Here we see a Robin Raider guitar from the now legendary Robin Guitars of Texas. This is an early Robin from the period 1982-1986 when their guitars were made in Japan. After 1986 production moved to the USA ... which makes a refreshing change from the way things are usually done as so many American guitar companies used to build in the USA and then transferred production to the Far East. Robin designs were often Fender-inspired so it's nice to see the nod to Mosrite guitars on this model.

In keeping with the Mosrite-theme it's one of those rare breed of right-handed guitars that look as if they should be left-handed! The illusion is further enhanced by the upside-down headstock.

Currently being offered for sale on eBay with a very fair sounding Buy It Now price of $449. Sale ends very soon!

G L Wilson

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  1. 1. Too yellow.

    2. Interesting the strap buttons on each horn.

  2. "Robin designs were often Fender-inspired so it's nice to see the nod to Mosrite guitars on this model"
    Agreed, but surely I am not the only one who's noticed that the Mosrite Mark Bodies have an amazingly close resemblance to the backside of an upside down Fender Strat?

    1. Upside-down and slightly skewed into an offset shape. Yes, I believe I've read that's how the Mosrite design originated.

    2. The Mosrite bridge however is totally and completely unique. Was it you who described the saddles looking like "six observatories"? The vibrato seems like a mix of the Strat design and the Gibson Maestro and the couple of Moserites I played (unamplified unfortunately) in Guitar Center Hollywood's Vintage Room, were really smooth and nice sounding. Semi by combining the influences of Paul Bigby, Roger Rossmeisl and Leo Fender was sort of doing, albeit in a much more original way, what Dennis Fano's Artifact series guitars (where he mixes guitar elements from a lot of the classic designs as well as making a Rickenbacker 800 combo style guitar, the BR-6) do.



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