Friday, 21 October 2011

Paul's eBay fretless Precision Deluxe bass

Here is my finished eBay Fretless Precision Deluxe that I thought would be a way to make a versatile fretless bass when the Fretless Epiphone Zenith bass was found to be impossible to get hold of.

I 'won' the Mexican Precision Deluxe from an eBay auction and replaced the fretted neck with a Mighty Mite ebonal fretless neck, which is plenty hard enough for round wound strings. (I re-auctioned the old fretted neck). I then replaced the bridge with a more substantial gold coloured bridge and fitted the Graph Tech Ghost saddle pickup system to the bridge to give me an 'acoustic' pickup along side the Jazz and Precision pickups. I replaced the mid boost knob (which didn't do much) with a Graph Tech volume knob with Dark/Mid push/pull switch.
All parts were purchased off of eBay so I'm calling it the eBay Precision Deluxe and it certainly does give me quite a wide variety of sounds between the three pickups. Adding the Graph Tech pickup was a lot easier than anticipated and certainly worth the effort. Attached is a closeup of the bridge where you should be able to see the modifications.


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