Thursday, 6 October 2011

Traveling Willburys collection for sale includes 5 guitars and a pot of jam

The Traveling Willburys were a supergroup of sorts comprising members Lucky (Bob Dylan), Otis (Jeff Lynne), Charlie T. Jr. (Tom Petty), Lefty (Roy Orbison) and Nelson (George Harrison).

The group spawned all sorts of memorabilia including these guitars which were marketed by Gretsch but actually built in Korea. They are loosely based on the classic singlecut Danelectro design. I hadn't previously realised that so many variations existed.

Here we have a whole Traveling Willburys collection for sale which includes five guitars, i.e. one TW500 (I think that's the twin pickup model), one TW300T (that'll be the one with the trem), two TW200s (the non-trem TWs with the humbucker pickup) and one TW100 (the single coil equipped guitar).

The collection also includes three Traveling Willburys guitar boxes, a framed Traveling Willburys poster, a Traveling Willburys canvas bag, and a pot of "Genuine Will-Berry Jam".

Currently listed on eBay with a starting price of £999.

G L Wilson

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