Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Holy unknown Chinese-made guitar, Batman!

Eric with the Bat guitar. Do  you think there
might be a theme going on here?

ERiC AiXeLsyD writes:


I was wondering if you guys would be able to help in tracking down the origin of this prize-guitar from Six Flags? I purchased mine on ebay a while ago, actually thanks to a commenter on your Superman logo guitar post. I waited until I saw one at a more reasonable price, as I had to have it due to being a huge Batman fan and to sheer goofiness. (I have started a rather odd collection.)

I really enjoy reading the Guitarz blog, and am amazed at the knowledge people seem to bring forth. All I know about this guitar is that it was apparently a prize at Six Flags. I have seen others online... different guitars, same concept (I've seen a V-shape and a Jackson/Ibanez 80s-looking one). They seem to go for around $75 or so if purchased at the parks.

Mine came with 1 extra string (looked like the high E), two allen keys, and a ridiculously oversized really thin red plastic pick.

All I know about it is from the text stamped on the back:
BATMAN and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics.
Is the s11 possibly a serial number? Maybe the model number? Is 11-04 a manufacturing date?

Is there a guitar manufacturer in China like the fabled Un-Sung/Silverstar factory in Korea that pumps out Galveston & possibly a slew of other brands?

Could this be a Cort? Why would anyone make a guitar and not put a logo on the headstock? Ha ha. I'd at least put a Batman logo, the DC comics logo, or a Six Flags logo there.

I had a guy at a local shop put in a new nut... what I thought was a lopsided nut was actually crooked and lopsided, so it needed replacing and a setup and it plays really well now, especially considering the low price-tag. Next it's getting a new pickup, and maybe some sort of homemade logo for the headstock!

Thanks in advance for your time and help!

Rock on!

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  1. I have a superman logo guitar with the same numbers

  2. I have the Stratocaster style 6 Flags Batman guitar with the same number on the back and zip code. So it must be the promotional code of maybe how many made?



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