Thursday, 20 October 2011

Dean Psychobilly "Picasso" (actually they meant Matisse but hey, they're just American guitar makers!)

I'm usually not a fan of custom paint job but sometimes something stands out of the lot, like this Dean Psychobilly Picasso - one of three models of the short lived mid-2000s Psychobilly series. I like how the classic full hollow-body is subverted by the abstract pattern painted on its top - though it its clearly inspired by characteristic later paper cutouts of French master Henri Matisse and not Pablo Picasso at all - and the black hardware on top of that. 

It was not an expensive model, and from the reviews I could read - I myself never played a Dean (but I will soon, I expect a new Dean V any day...) - if the pickups of basic Dean models can be quite muddy (whatever that means, I never really understood this word, like 75% of guitar sound description vocabulary), they have fine bodies and neck, and are good starting point to diverse upgrades.  

And all this reminds me of good old psychobilly times, these music and style were quite prominent in my hometown a couple of decades ago, and provided us good fun and excitement...


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