Monday, 10 October 2011

Emperador stereo hollowbody guitar, probably 1960 Japanese
Here's another vintage guitar to identify. It's a thinline hollowbody, looking similar to early Yamaha semis, but has the split stereo pickups similar to those on the 1960s Goya 12-string semi-hollowbody that we looked at on Friday.

The name on the headstock is Emperador, yet another name that is new to me and is quite likely a brandname for a particularly retailer. My feeling is that it is Japanese in origin, although it is conceivable that it may be European.

If anyone has any more info on this instrument please let us know in the usual way!

Thanks to DeeCee who found this guitar for sale here, priced at €800.

G L Wilson

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  1. Have you ever found any info on this guitar? I have one very similar to it and have been trying to find info on it with no luck. The differences i see are that i have an extra switch at the top of the tulip and the picks up are offset just the opposite of yours and there is no name on the headstock.

  2. Gregg, unfortunately I don't have the original "Echo" comments any longer so I can't remember if wnyone responded to this blog post or not. Those horns make it very reminiscent of the early Yamaha semi-solidbodies - maybe some relation?

  3. Looks like it was made by Matsumoku. Does the neck plate say "STEEL REINFORCED NECK" and "JAPAN?"

  4. Looks very similar to a 1960's Ibanez model I have seen

  5. I have a guitar like Greg what is it.

  6. I have one also did you find out anything on it. My number is 678 643 5007

  7. j ai exactement celle en photo elle date des annees fin 60 et je suis vendeur de cette merveille

  8. j ai la meme tel en France 06 70 93 30 32



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