Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Vintage 60s super rare, Super Astrotone, super surf style retro Japanese guitar


The title of this one alone, made me out of breath.

The seller of this fabulous beast has given an equally breathless description, starting by repeating the headline, as follows:

This beauty features a solid mahogany body that has two chrome single coil pickups, two volume, one tone controls, two rocker style pickup selector switches, and a rhythm/solo switch, all on a highly polished chrome pickguard. The adjustable bridge is missing the saddle, but it should be very easy to find a replacement here on ebay. The tuners are not original, and should be changed. They are in working condition, but they are not in line 6 tuners, and the 3rd is overlapping onto the 4th. It has a very resposive tremolo with the original arm and chrome tremolo cover. The adjustable neck is solid mahogany, has 20 frets on the rosewood fretboard with barely any noticable wear on the fretboard or frets. Has some very minor scuffs, scratches, dings and dents typical of a 45 year old guitar and is in especially good condition.
This is one super rare guitar, and is the fourth super Astrotone I've owned, and without a doubt, in the finest condition. It's survived the 70s, 80s, & 90s probably in someone’s attic or locked away in a closet. This is one awesome Japanese model, and with those horns, one of the coolest surf style guitars on the planet!
Snatch & grab it for $399
Note; I re-wrote this a little (taking out the every-word capitalisation and &s everywhere) to make it easier on the eye.  [...and I removed a few spurious apostrophes - GLW].

This is a super looking guitar with some nice unique features but $400 for what is really a project guitar, with some issues, does seem a bit hopeful

David in Barcelona

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