Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Kimberly Fire Bird 1960s Japanese thinline

The wildly exaggerated design of this 1960s Japanese Kimberly Fire Bird makes for quite a glorious guitar, enhanced by the green burst finish. I'm sure this was the effect that MusicVox intended with their retro-themed guitars with exaggerated body horns.

Unfortunately there are just 6 hours left for this auction to run on eBay, so by the time some of you read this the guitar will be sold. The bidding at the time of writing is at $760. It's a shame that the vibrato arm appears to be missing.

We have looked at a couple of Kimberly guitars before (here and here) and other than one of them being a re-branded Teisco, I am afraid I am unable to tell you much more about the brand.

Thanks to Tom Naumann for bringing this guitar to my attention.

G L Wilson

Additional: The eventual winning bid was $2,225. Wow!

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