Sunday, 5 August 2012

Paul Gagné Guitars Veetle: Rudolf Schenker's Volkswagen themed Flying V
Hi Gavin and everyone at Guitarz. I've been following your website for many years. It's a feast for the eyes and the mind. I may have a few pics of guitars I made to share with you to have possibly put on you're website and Facebook. I have this one, which was a custom order from Scorpions management in 2010 for their founder/rhythm guitarist and leader Rudolf Schenker. Enjoy!

  • Sculptured African mahogany body, with VW Beetle "hood"
  • 3-piece Honduran mahogany / hardrock maple neck with volute
  • Custom made maple mounting ring for Gibson 500T pickup
  • Bound ebony fretboard with custom VW octave inlay
  • Grover Rotomatic machineheads / Gotoh wraparound bridge
  • Genuine VW polyurethane finish
  • VW logo in body handmade from T6 aluminium, illuminated underneath from inside the body

Paul Gagné

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  1. should be leaning up against the back end of a 50's split window bug.

  2. yeah, when you grow old you want a WV...

    1. Funny... actually I do want one! Had one in college and it was a great way for students to get around.

      Unsure what the cross-branding angle is here? Are Scorp fans prime target for VW marketeers? Leaving that aside, while the workmanship and design concept are top notch, I really question the actual playability of these "deep relief" set ups.

      While the relationship of the strings to the 'neck' and frets I'm sure is within standards, the depth between the strings and the body itself looks like cliff diving. You'd have a tendency to pluck or strike the string at harsh angles OR your right wrist would have to compensate upwards of 3/4ths an inch.

      Essentially you couldn't ( or at least I couldn't ) rest your palm on the body at all?

    2. from an US point of view, a VW is a Beetle or a Combi, isn't it? cool retro hippie cars... but in europe VW means big luxury German cars, and the New Beetle is an expensive designer car than you see only in rich areas...

    3. Bertram,

      The Passat and Cabrio had/have huge cult followings among the younger set and it's not uncommon to see U.S drivers become "VW guys" for life! Like a given brand of guitar, it becomes "the evil that we 'know' ". You just get used to working on them. I've always had a BSA motorcycle as there's nothing that can go wrong I haven't seen.

      Ahem, I understand the New Beetle is huge with the, huge crowd? Obese people gravitate toward them as they have the widest doors of any standard model.

  3. Gotta say, I'm not crazy about this.



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