Thursday, 30 August 2012

2010 Burns Bison 62 Reissue

You have to admit that the Burns Bison 62 is one of the coolest guitars ever - it is on the top on my guitars-I-need-to have-and-play-on-stage-before-I-die list! Like many pioneering guitars of its time, its design proved timeless, however slightly eccentric - and since I have no idea of who the Shadows are and don't want to know, it has no 'surf' connotations to me - and probably most people.

And it's not only the looks, its tri-sonic pickups sounds perfect - and I'm a humbucker kind of guy -, I particularly enjoy the tone selector that makes more sense than tone pots - one switch and you have exactly what you need... I like how some historical brands resurrected and reissued their great guitars of the golden age (see also what Eko has in stock), though some are still missing!

Bertram D

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  1. Interesting and crazy guitar, with two apparent mysteries. The little one first, on the pickup selector switch, the settings: Treble, Bass and Split Sound seen logical enough but what pray tell does the Wild Dog setting do? All the pickups at once wired in series for a 3 coil Humbucker and a half sound? Wild indeed. The second mystery is what appears to be a second vibrato bar which is both smaller and blacker than the obvious vibrato handle. What does this piece of mystery hardware do? Inquiring minds need to know!

  2. The Shadows were never a surf band. I'm surprised you write them off so easily, I think their tunes are well worth a spin. Also, didn't you once link to a video of Jet Harris? You must be aware of The Shadows connection there?

  3. The Shadows are definately worth a spin. Many many great guitarists where influenced by them and good old Hank in particular.
    The trouble is they sound a bit twee to modern ears but the arrangements and technicality although simple is second to none. It's quite easy to turn up your gain and blast out noise but to keep it in check like Hank does is a marvel.

  4. The Shadows were , like many other bands like the Fireballs, pre surf and surf wouldn't have happened with out them.
    Not that 95% ( and I'm being generous) of surf bands weren't pure crap anyway. There's that Jorgen somebody, Link Wray, even earlier and more square, the Bill Black Combo.
    Instrumental music was big in the 50's

  5. I'm deeply thankful to the British culture for having provided the soundtrack for the 20th century and shaping my life, but like Yorkshire pudding, some things cannot really take on the continent! I like Japanese Shadows cover bands though - but they are always better than what they copy...

  6. @jack: there's no second trem bar, it's the reflection in the pickguard...

    and about the sound and the selector, there is a good demo here:

  7. I have a Burns Bison Reissue that has a serial # of 00000. A prototype possibly for namm or one made before mass production. It is a very cool guitar. It has a little bit more fancy bridge and tremolo system than the one in the above picture. Does anyone know if this is a different model?



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