Thursday, 26 July 2012

Brand new retro-styled guitar designs from PureSalem
Richard writes:
My name is Richard Sell and I am the owner of PureSalem Guitars. We are a new small company that plans to open in early 2013. PureSalem will be producing small runs of oddball, weird and wonderful guitars. There will always be something new popping up. As a left handed player I will be producing all PureSalem models in lefty versions as well and at no additional cost. PureSalem is a 100% DIY company and a true labor of love. I think players will enjoy the quirkiness of what we are going to put out and at a great price point which certainly doesn't hurt either.
Hi Richard, those designs are certainly quite refreshing in this day and age of so many cookie cutter guitars. Sorry to draw comparisons, but the one at the top of the above montage looks almost like a combination of a Vox Marauder and a Ovation Breadwinner, whilst the yellow guitar with its reverse body is reminiscent of the Tokai Hummingbird. It's nice to know also that you are catering for the lefties, who are a group of players who are all too often unfairly overlooked. Please keep us posted about any developments with Pure Salem guitars; we look forward to hearing a lot more about your company!

G L Wilson

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  1. the one on the top looks quite like a Meazzi Zodiac >

    1. So it does - I'd totally forgotten about that one!

  2. So, what kind of prices are we looking at?

  3. PureSalem..?

    Sounds like a WitchHunt to me! The bottom one strikes me Bison-esque and I love it. The Marauder is something I'd have like to seen more of growing up. Since that's already too late, this will have to suffice.

    I can picture Tony Iommi playing the yellow one. Prosthetic tips and all.

  4. Cool guitars - they don't seem to have a website yet. Hopefully they're not too expensive.

  5. Thank you all for the kind words ... We are still getting our act together and are about seven months out from opening shop hence ... No website yet. As for pricing nothing is set in stone but were looking at the $400.00 range. More interesting models to come . We will be offering a guitar and amp give away prior to launching. Once the site is up and running there will be a suggestions page where you can vote on a certain model that you wish to see resurrected and the guitar with the most votes will be brought back to life so to speak. My goal is to just bring out cool stuff and as a left handed player make sure lefties have the opportunity to purchase some funky looking guitars.

    Remember .... When it's one in the morning and your playing to a handful of drunken music lovers and your 13 minutes into SISTER RAY , it will just sound better on a PureSalem guitar.

    All the best ...
    Richard Sell
    PureSalem Guitars

  6. Just came cross one of these prototype models on Ebay and I'm a lefty! The lefty I bought is the bottom guitar model and in surf green with red pickguard! So stoked!!! For us lefties this is pure-genius!

  7. Excellent R. Sells, may ee design a prototype together? God bless your bizz :-)

  8. Awesome stuff and a very reasonable price !!

  9. nice post! Beautiful job! Brand design is the outward manifestation of the essence of the corporate brand, product brand or a service brand. Design development should begin with defining the fundamentals

    1. I shall be posting a new blog entry about Pure Salem guitars very soon!

  10. When I saw my first PureSalem Guitar in mid 2012, it was listed on Ebay, at an extraordinary low price.
    It was listed as a prototype model, & the listing described that it was made by a factory that "would not"
    be the manufacturer for the new PureSalem Guitar Line being launched in 2013, because of issues with the
    finish & quality. Even so, I could not resist the temptation to buy it, as it resembled an Imperial. A Japanese
    made guitar I had owned 40 years earlier. This model, which is now named the, "Classic Creep" model, was
    in a bright yellow finish, complete with a classic Bigsby style tremolo, set neck, & for a modest "Buy It Now"
    price of just $210.00! AND….Free Shipping??? Whoooa!!
    I'm just north of San Diego, so you can imagine my surprise, when the guitar showed up at the ManCave,
    shipped from Miami, FedEx, four days later. My excitement grew, as it was double boxed in new corrugated
    cartons, with the "PureSalem Guitars" logo printed boldly on the exterior. After unpacking & having the guitar
    in my hands, I was even more blown away by the heft & solid feel of it. I looked it over thoroughly, & could
    find no apparent flaws in the finish or craftsmanship.
    I immediately plugged it in to one of my favorite amps, (Johnson Millennium II) tuned it up & checked it out.
    What's this?? Perfect action & intonation right out of the box? Impossible, but true! Plays like Butta! Yea, I
    know. That phrase has been used to death, but it plays incredibly. Or, EVOO!
    I started the Ebay Hustle (4sanford13), & moved some guitars & parts, to get the dough to make some more
    purchases of these PureSalem prototypes before they were gone, & now own six of them. One of them is this
    same "Classic Creep". It's a left handed model in transparent blue, that I modified to righty. I changed the nut,
    put roller saddles in the tun-o-matic style bridge, & installed GFS Rocktron Humbuckers (from guitarfetish). I
    didn't need to do any changes to the tremolo, since the manufacturer of these prototypes, appears to have
    screwed up when they made the lefty's & installed right handed tremolos.
    PureSalem guitars are a refreshing alternative to the "same old regular styles" you see coming out, year after
    year by all of the well loved big guys. Like Eastwood Guitars (which I own six), it's great to see old/new ideas
    & designs coming out. Especially when I hear that the retail price will be about 2/3 the cost of Eastwoods.
    I also understand that they will offer all their styles & colors in both right & left handed models, which has to
    be a big bonus to all the lefty's out there. I can't wait for NewSalem to launch their website. It's now the middle
    of the Summer, & they were due to start in the Spring of 2013. Keep a lookout!



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