Thursday, 29 October 2009

Alison Mosshart plays white Gretsch Bo Diddley

I didn't like Gretsch's Bo Diddley rectangular guitar so much, until I saw it in snow white in the hands of graceful Alison Mosshart fronting the Dead Weather. I know that this all white Gretsch's guitars band is some kind of marketing hype, combined with Jack White's well applied obsession with colour, and that Mr White himself is evil since he made some fancy duo for a Hollywoodian movie, but they are still quite beautiful guitars (including of course the white Jupiter Thunderbird that White uses on other songs, and that stands ostentatiously next to the drums), and I do enjoy the music (though I prefer the rawer music of The Kills).

And it's so cool to have such a guitar to play just one note, uh!

There is a nice live video of the Dead Weather to watch on From the Basement.

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