Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Yasuki 1980s Japanese-made Les Paul-style guitar with built-in effects
We've previously looked at other Japanese guitars with built-in effects, drum machines, etc. The LP-style guitar with built in FX that we most commonly seen is the Univox-made example loosely modelled on the original Roland GS500 Guitar Synth Controller. However, the above pictured Yasuki LP-style guitar with built-in FX is modelled on a more traditional LP design, although the addition of the effects unit seems to be almost an after-thought. You would have thought that it would have been more elegant if the effects had been rear-mounted. The least they could have done would have been to put the battery compartment cover on the rear.

You'll notice that this picture showing the effects unit removed from the guitar betrays the ultra-cheap construction method of Les Paul copies from this era; the arched top of the guitar is achieved with bent plywood on top of a solid (plywood) body - and with a big pocket of air between the two! You just know that this guitar is never going to sound like a real Gibson.

Currently listed on eBay UK with a Buy It Now price of £399.

G L Wilson

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  1. Sonofagunovitch! I have a guitar with the exact same effects setup (only in black, not white)... even the battery compartment is in the same location! Only I had no idea who made it, and the effects no longer work properly. :( [But then again, since my arsenal currently includes a Line 6 Variax 500 and POD XT Live, I've no more need for it than a politician has for a brain ;) ]

  2. You could call it chambered, is that fancy enough for you? and Les Paul's own guitars seemed to have a functional ad hoc approach.

  3. A little too ad hoc for me. I'd hock it.

  4. my 1977 ibanez perfomer l.p. copy is the same cheap construction very off putting to be able to tap the top feels like its hardboard but it is birch part of ibanez budget push to wipe out gibson sell em cheap! people do love them though and they do have super 70s pick ups



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