Sunday, 1 December 2013

1960s Italian-made Eko doubleneck guitar and bass
Our friend Eric Geevers recommended that we take a look at this Eko doubleneck guitar and bass listed on a Dutch auction site. It's not a model I've ever seen before, but then when it comes to manufacturers like Eko, nothing surprises me any more.

I understand that it might well be desirable to have a more compact body on a doublenecked guitar, but I can't help but think that this particular instrument must be ever so neck heavy. Note the positioning of the strap buttons between the necks and below the lower guitar neck - probably an attempt to compensate for the neck heaviness. Also not that because the guitar and bass are of different scale lengths and the headstocks are raked back, that the two headstocks actually overlap one another; the effect isn't displeasing.

From what I can make out the current high bid is €1000.

G L Wilson

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