Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Custom "rifle stock" bass guitar with stainless steel appointments

Here's a gun-inspired guitar that actually doesn't come across as too offensive. It's actually a custom-made bass in mahogany with stainless steel trim. The neck is apparently a Velvet Hammer (whatever that means) with an open headstock with inward mounted tuners reminscent of the Ampeg scroll bass design. Controls are mounted on the upper edge of the body, and the general design reminds me of Eko's "rifle butt" travel guitar, only scaled up in size.

Thanks to Sean who posted this on our Facebook page.

Currently listed on eBay with a starting bid of $1,200.

G L Wilson

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  1. It's the neck pickup that a "velvet hammer". They were made by Red Rhodes and have a cult following.

  2. I love stainless steel because it's very good "resonance wise"and this instrument seems to be well made. I'm sure that mahogany ans stainless steel together generete a great sound (if the pickups are ok of course). Almost no body but with the sreel's weight and this headstock it could be quite balanced!

    1. Thanks! I couldn't understand the ebay listing - very often the description may as well be written in some obscure foreign language.

  3. From a buyers perspective, it gives me serious pause. The "approximate" scale, coupled with what appears to be a broken nut, raises a lot of questions about the intonation. If nothing else asking $1,200 for a guitar with ZERO pedigree raises a few flags.

    I do really dig the headstock, though.

  4. WOW! nice stuff
    starting to read yout blog!!
    I invite you to my blog to see what I am doing with guitars :)!



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